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Weverijmuseum Geldrop

Projectmanager, adviser revitalise the weavingmuseum

Geldrop, July 2014 - present



ReBlend creates new yarn out of undefined old thrown away textiles

ReBlend creates new yarn out of undefined old thrown away textiles. Author of the concept ReBlend. Management Research and Development from yarn through textile development. It turns each fashion piece into a unique product and customizes every interior. Ellen Sillekens Auther of the idea/concept ReBlend, Research and development, co- initiator ReBlend. Anita de Wit Yellow Minds co-initiator development ReBlend. 
ReBlend partners: Marc Vooges Humana, Anton Luiken Texperium, Diana Seijs Ahrend, Marion Ellwanger and Thomas Weide and Michael Wolf Hochschule Niederrhein, Melanie Brown By Brown.

Vleuten, February 2012 - present



Workshop leader Sustainable Fashion

I created a workshop in which students gather information & insight in the Fashion supply chain. Proud about the results, the students became experts in a very short period!

Willem de Koning Academy Rotterdam

Rotterdam, May 2014 – June 2014 


Debater Slow Fashion event

Het Nutshuis 

Den Haag, November 2013


Coaching GAMING, Fashion & Textile students HKU

How to integrate the concepts of sustainability into their projects. 

App 'What I wear' 

What I Wear enables you to take pictures of your clothes, import and sort them, say What I Wear every day, share your creations through What I Wear with the community ... HKU Sudco, 

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Hilversum, December 2013



How to integrate the concepts of sustainability into their projects. 

'The sustainable Identity: wear it, play it, sweat it, share it’.

In this project students design innovative fashion and/or enriching gameful experiences to promote sustainability in the field of fashion and textiles.

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Hilversum, December 2012


Jury member

Warm Sweaterday Design competition 2012


The Lectra Award 2011, Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI)

The Lectra Award a design competition hosted by Lectra and AMFI have. Students must use Lectra's software to develop a collection. The 'Lectra Awards'. An external jury assess all the students work and Lectra present an award for the best work. The first place winner of the 2011 competition is Yvonne Kwok.


The Sustainable Bride contest 2011, Willem de Kooning Academie (WdKA)

Fashion department WdKA, Rotterdam initiated by Julie Müller. And the winner is; Lutfiye Engin.

DSC03474.JPG  duurzame_bruid_2011_4.JPG

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