Sustainable Home

A project of ten Brabant textile companies working together on sustainability. Collaborating of textile entrepreneurs: Rubia Natural Colours, Carpet Sign, Mefil, Print Unlimited, EELabels (van Engelen & Evers), Ecological Textiles, Johan van den Acker, J.A. Raymakers & Co, Innofa, Best Wool Carpets.
‘Sustainable home, Dutch design’, a ‘Green Paper’ in which the results of the product development process of companies are described.
Design publication: Toelgroep.
‘Sustainable home’, part of the exhibition reTHINK! Audax Textielmuseum Tilburg.
Design exhibition: Driessen + van Deijne.
Organisation of the conference:
‘Sustainable home creative search conference’,
Speakers: Wouter van Dieren, Director Institute of Environmental and Systems Analysis (IMSA, member of the Club of Rome, Peter Swinkels, Chairman of the Brabants and Zealand Employers' Association.

Followed by the workshops:
• How ‘green’ is your interior?
• How ‘green’ do you dress?
• Interested in ‘green’ carpets?
Guided by the companies.
Project organisation by Studio Sillekens and Mobas Projects.

Photos by Frank Hülck