The Amsterdam Sustainability Institute for Fashion and Fabrics (ASIFF) is an initiative of the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce, Hogeschool of Amsterdam, domain Media, Creation and Information, and Venues and More….

The first activities under the name ASIFF were started in 2009 and 2010. The Amsterdam Sustainability Institute for Fashion and Fabrics (ASIFF) was to become the new institute for sustainability for professionals working in the fashion and fabrics branch. The aim is to find, share and combine knowledge and to do research into sustainability in this branch, not only at an individual company level but also at the level of the whole chain.

Chain meetings took place both in 2009 and 2010. In addition to this 4 MIND sessions were initiated. ASIFF functioned as a sustainable platform for the fashion and fabrics branch. The programme content and organization of the MIND sessions and one of the chain meetings were facilitated by Ellen Sillekens, Studio Sillekens.


ASIFF Chain meeting

Studio Sillekens has supplied content to the CHAIN MEETING amongst various big leading players in the whole fashion chain (resources, chemistry, production, logistics, packaging, waste) in order to keep the chain together. Joint sustainability targets are discussed in the chain meetings such as : making sustainability measurable, selecting and applying an unambiguous certifying method, re-verification of production processes and optimising use of energy and resources as well as developing and making available alternative and more sustainable resources.


ASIFF MIND sessions

Studio Sillekens has prepared the content and organised the MIND sessions. During a MIND session Trade-related professionals from the fashion and fabrics industry discuss the sustainability issues that people face on a daily basis. ASIFF brings together speakers and associates  to stimulate the exchange of information. During these sessions an in-depth report about knowledge development is put together.  



25 June 2009

Manufacturing and innovation, Dr. Anton Luiken, Managing Director of Alcon Advies BV
Purchasing, Eng. Martine Willems, advisor BECO Advies
Design, Zuzia Andziak, environmental expert for fashion label Van Markoviec


ASIFF MIND 2 ‘Naturally sustainable’! Focus on natural materials and processes

26 November 2009

Nettles as a natural fiber, Eng. Jeroen Bos, Brennels
Natural colourings Dr. Anco Sneep, Rubia Pigmenta Naturalia
The right principles for sustainability, Eng. Martine Willems, BECO Advies
Sustainable product innovation, Dr. Anton Luiken, Managing Director Alcon Advies BV


ASIFF MIND 3 ‘Measuring with the right standards’

28 January 2010 

Benchmarks and scorecards, Esther Verburg, General Manager Made-By
Water footprint of Cotton, Eng. Ingeborg Boon, senior consultant CREM
Making sustainability measurable, Peter Koppert, policy maker environment MODINT
Impact of materials and colourings on the environment, Dr. Anton Luiken, Managing Director Alcon Advies BV


ASIFF MIND 4 ‘In-depth’

3 June 2010

What is your specific focus on sustainability? Hanneke van Meeteren, HR Director and Marijke Willemsen, CSR manager, WE Fashion
More sustainable and cheaper by using enzymes and other products, René Hermse, Global Marketing Manager, Tanatex Chemicals and Genencor Water footprint of Cotton, Dr. Victor de Lange, Director CREM
Measuring methods, Mark Huis in het Veld, Director Made-By