March 2016 - January 2017


BeeBlue develops circular products and helps companies track its waste streams and comprehend alle materials generated, reused and recycled. Valorization oppertunities side streams. (

Oproep November, December 2016

Wilt u de grens over met textiel?

PSPS consultants helpt uw bedrijf met het vermarkten van textiele producten in het buitenland door individuele coaching trajecten. Met welke duurzaamheidsaspecten wilt u zich profileren? De mogelijkheden zijn voor u in beeld gebracht door Studio Sillekens. Check de bijlage voor het programma Starters International Business (SIB).

February 2012 - September 2015

ReBlend creates new yarn out of postconsumer textile blends

From a designers point of view I search for sustainable design approaches which can make the difference. With the focus on a circular production chain I came up with ReBlend. 

ReBlend creates new yarn out of postconsumer textile blends

Ellen Sillekens, Idea concept ReBlend, Research and development, co- initiator ReBlend. Anita de Wit Yellow Minds co-initiator ReBlend. ReBlend partners: Marc Vooges Symphany, Anton Luiken Texperium, Diana Seijs Ahrend, Marion Ellwanger and Thomas Weide and Michael Wolf Hochschule Niederrhein, Melanie Brown By Brown.

February 2013

The Reblend pilot partners


March 2011

sustainable webdesign

This website is updated in a sustainable way.

It is now hosted at Greenhost; a very innovative and green webhosting company.
It is rebuild and updated by webSeeds; a design studio with a great eye for sustainability.


January 2011

'De Groene Offerte'loopaloop.jpg

The website for designers on sustainable design wrote an article about Studio Sillekens new label 'Loop a Loop'.